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Hola Tod at xs,

I do not remember when I was joined -empyre- but it is a part, at least for me, of a history and presence of list-servs that have been extremely important for the gestures and conceptual disturbances that I have participated in. List-servs are an e-form that I continue to see as a core condition for the performative matrix for all the collaborations I have been involved in the past, now and ones to come.

As I remember the first list-servs I was a part of were based at thing.net in the 90's. Probably the most well known list that echoes the deep model of -empryre- was nettime.org.

Here is my first call to join a list-serv back in 1998 (riding the memory lane):

  *   To: nettime-l {AT} Desk.nl
  *   Subject: <nettime> infowar thread on www.thing.net
  *   From: ricardo dominguez <rdom {AT} thing.net>
  *   Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 13:48:47 -0800
  *   Sender: owner-nettime-l {AT} basis.Desk.nl



"War in our current era is one of reduced tangibility
and soft power."
--Joseph Nye.

"Centralize strategically, but decentralize tactically."

This is an invitation to join and participate on
the InfoWar thread moderated by Ricardo Dominguez
on the new Thing bbs system at:


starting on March 5, 1998.

The InfoWar thread will consider how soft power has
redefined command, control, intelligence and resistance.

InfoWar tactics are now moving beyond the theoretical questions
about the rise of "network power" and the end of hierarchies.
Instead, Military and Intelligence groups are now experimenting
with pragmatic hybrid structures that can retain control
over networks, while allowing network autonomy to
expand within a specific types of command structures.
In order to contain the rising soft power of small groups
that can organize themselves "into sprawling
networks" that can threaten hard power structures.

Military and Intelligence communities since the late 80's
have mapped 5 distinct possible structures for understanding

1)A Game, chess or Go.
  Go has displaced chess as the dominant tactical game

2)The Wild West.
  Each town makes its own laws and out on the
  range its everyone for themselves and God against all.

3)The Castle/Bunker.
  Enclaves built for security with moats, massive walls,
  drawbridges and loyal Knights who roam the outskirts
  of the fiefdom.

4)A Plant.
  A rhizome made of endless root-structures,with
  poly-spacial connectivity, and a multi-layered linkages
  with non-plant agents.

5)The Hive.
  A bio-diverse system,with the ability to
  rapidly mutate, and capable of swarm like activity.

Each map calls for different types of responses to the
questions of security, aggression, and resistance.
What can we gain from each map as the importance
of InfoWar continues to grow with greater global access.

The thread will also consider the specific case
of the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. They have
been able to constrain the Mexican government
from quickly eliminating the movement
since 1994--by building a transnational network
of resistance. How were a group of Mayan
people deep in the Lacandona jungle able to
become the first, "post modern warriors?"

And finally, what happens when War Theory
goes beyond InfoWar to overcome the problems
that arise from the "age of networks?"

Suggested reading list -- (not necessary to
have read them to participate):

Copernicus....Forward C4I for the 21st Century

Cyberwar is Coming. Arquilla and Ronfeldt

Electronic Warfare

Guide to Information Warfare

In Athena's Camp (John Arquilla and David Ronfeldt, editors)

Information War and Cyberspace Security by RAND

Information War Cyberwar Netwar by George J. Stein

Information Warfare

What is Information Warfare?


The Zapatistas and the Electronic Fabric of Struggle


Zaptistas in Cyberspace.

Latin America's first post-Communism rebellion

Electronic Civil Disobedience

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Hello Andrea,
Absolutely loved your participation a few months ago and so glad you have joined in on –empyre-.  Many of us in the North America will be making it to Los Angeles to the College Art Association.  If anyone from –empyre- listserv will be around we can arrange to meet for drinks.

We have most definitely touched down in real space—IIt was featured as part of documenta 12's Magazine Project conducting three moderated conversations in 2006 and 2007. In 2008, --empyre- collaborated with the Anderson Art Ranch in Snowmass, Colorado to offer two Presidential Full Merit Scholarships to members of the -empyre- community. -empyre- also has collaborated with institutions and festivals to produce dynamic online forums for physically located events. Some of those events have included the Cornerhouse in Manchester, Marcos Weskamp's Social Circles visualization slice of the list dynamics. In 2008 -empyre- co-hosted a special conference with City Light Books on Paul Virilio in San Francisco, In 2009, a special panel on "viral marketing" was hosted by Exit Art in New York City. In 2010 a discussion held around The Making Sense Colloquium at the Centre Pompidou, Paris was sponsored by -empyre-. And in the fall of 2011 -empyre- hosted a networking event at the annual ISEA (International Symposium for Electronic Arts) in Istanbul, Turkey. We also participated in a HASTAC conference in Peru in 2015 and met many –empyreans- on solid ground.

If you will be in LA between February 18 to 20th let us know.

Andrea wrote-
Hello longtime empyreans,

Being very new to this community since winter 2017 I enjoy that this is an
online listserv because it is devoted to *discussing *things.
Facebook is about to popularize an idea and if you start a Twitter (with
its limit of word count) the only thing it does to get a lot of people
interested in your observation and creates quick connection to others that
are fleeting.

In this short time Im part of the listserv it gave me in contrast to other
online platforms connection to people that are devoted to deeper thinking
and willing to discuss and engage with others people thinking.

I do sense a desire to meet the listserv people in person, so may be in the
near future as an extension of this listserv virtual space there could be
an opportunity to meet as well in a physical space.

looking forward to meet others thinking and being and be part of the
discussions that grows out of this listserv community.


andrea haenggi
artist, choreographer, dancer, radical care sitter
faculty at Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies

Renate Ferro
Visiting Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Art
Tjaden Hall 306
rferro at cornell.edu

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