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that’s a real shock. Adrian was a great guy: I particularly recall a long day’s hike in the Brisbane Ranges near Melbourne and the area where he grew up - stories of drought, indigneous peoples, farmers . . . the kind of storytelling that filled his blogs. 

jeez, I’ll miss him


> On 8 Feb 2018, at 21:45, Anna Munster <a.munster at unsw.edu.au> wrote:
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> A big shout out from the fibreculture network too for Adrian Miles.
> I didn't know him well but I sure felt the effects of his work...where else would we have known and had a creative research relation to vlogging but for him? 
> In many ways thinking about Adrian within network contexts, media theories and practices makes it possible to continue to feel the intermediary pulses work like his set(s) off.
> That is the difference an incredible researcher and practioner can make: to keep our ideas and media energies moving in relation to good and bad historical actualities and toward whatever may be to come...
> Thoughts with all who knew and cherished him
> XAnna
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>> On 9 Feb 2018, at 3:44 am, Renate Terese Ferro <rferro at cornell.edu> wrote:
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>> Appreciate this post Melinda and on behalf of all  –empyre- subscribers we send to you, his family and friends our condolences. 
>> For those of you who were not familiar with his work here is a link to his website.
>> http://vogmae.net.au/
>> Renate Ferro
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>> rferro at cornell.edu
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>>   Today I bear the sad news that our colleague and friend Adrain Miles has passed away at the weekend. He had a heart attack while riding his bike.
>>   I have known Adrian for several decades both on and offline. I can't recall which conference I met him at, but it was somewhere in the mid 1990’s when we were a few of dissident voices of the superhighway hype. His enthusiasm for everything was astounding! His generosity to others as a teacher and mentor, his love of a good debate, his enquiring mind and his sense of humour. He always had a smile and a quirky line. 
>>   Adrian was an original member and active participant of -empyre-. As I knew he was smart, trustworthy and equitable he was the first person I approached to assist facilitating when -empyre- was growing exponentially in its first six months and was too much for one person to manage. 
>>   He joined up behind the scenes and first facilitated on his favourite topic in June 2002: 
>>   + Hypertext, Blogs and Video Blogs (vogs)
>>   Adrian Miles and Jill Walker
>>   http://lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/2002-June/date.html
>>   and in September 2002: 
>>    Alter_Forms  
>>   + codeWurk with Mez & Methodicist Manifesto with Hideki Nakazawa
>>   http://lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au/pipermail/empyre/2002-September/date.html
>>   Adrian left the team as more facilitators joined in 2003, and was a vital member of "fibreculture" another Australian listserve and publisher set up on a more academic model http://www.fibreculture.org. However he remained a long timr supported of and occasional guest on -empyre-, the last being on Practice Led Research in 2013.
>>   Tributes are currently being written by others for ELO, RMIT and other places. Our thoughts are with his loved ones.
>>   x
>>   Melinda 
>>   From around the web today:
>>   Jason Nelson:
>>   "Tragic news from Australia. Adrian Miles has passed away.
>>   A pioneering digital media artist, thinker and writer, early hypertext creator, vlogger and Professor at RMIT, Adrian continued for decades to be a force in combining new forms of narrative/writing/communication and media in Australia and around the world. Damn"
>>   Lisa Gye:
>>   "Terribly saddened by the news of Adrian Miles' death last weekend. He was generous, challenging and thoroughly supportive. I know many Australian and international media studies scholars will be shocked and dismayed by this news."
>>   Rosie Cross:
>>   "Vale Adrian Miles, @vogmae on #Vimeo https://t.co/gF5PcpBxzH #RIP #pioneer [#geekgirl]"
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