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Dear Ana 
Interesting that you referenced Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow, both of whom I reached out to be guests this month, were unable to join us because of previous commitments.  
Furtherfield.org, an online platform, was originated collaboratively by both Marc and Ruth in London in 1996.  Their mission was to nurture collaboration as opposed to the historical assumption that artistic genius was an independent venture.  It was in 2004 that Furtherfield touched down in physical space inspiring networked media art in a North London neighborhood.  They host exhibitions, events, pirate radio, activism, street art but also continue to have an online presence that invests in both the theory and practice of digital culture and technology.  
In looking at your online presence Ana it appears that your last post on Stumble upon, if I am reading it correctly, was in 2011. Your writing practice has reflected changes and shifts in technology throughout the past 35 years.  On twitter, you have 5,624 followers and you follow 6,166 today.  I am really looking forward to hearing about the reflections of your political voice within your early writing and if you were ever fearful about being so open?  How do you think your voice has shifted over the years?  I have a few Introduction to Digital Media students from Cornell who are lurking in on our conversation.  Many of them and other new subscribers are not as familiar with the history of networked platforms.  Hoping you will share your own perspectives and experiences and thanks for this link to Marc’s insightful discussion of your online presence. 

More later today.  Renate

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