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Hi Jake, welcome to Empire list. A response to your question: Emyre has
lasted that long because disagreements and discussions are permitted and
even welcomed in it. Though you will see Empty has its own up and down
rhythm over a period of time, it never loses its underlying openness.

It is interesting you had not even heard of or known what a listserv is.
How much has changed over a relatively short period of time.



On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 10:35 AM, Jake Puglisi <jake.puglisi1234 at gmail.com>

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> Hello,
> My name is Jake Puglisi.
> I'm currently a sophomore at Cornell University enrolled in Renate Ferro's
> digital media class. Before this semester I have had no know knowledge of
> what a listserv or how it works, so I'm excited to be apart of this
> community! I'm interested in getting some opinions on why one thinks that
> empyre is a useful resource when conducting research or learning from
> others. Im wondering, won't the information sometimes be biased or
> incorrect? Why do you think empire has lasted so long, and how do you think
> that it will expand in this growing and changing time period? I would love
> to hear some opinions, thank you in advance!
> Yours,
> Jake
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