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Ana, I had posted a response t your post of a few days ago. I wonder if it
got lost with your own post.


On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 10:41 AM, Ana Valdés <agora158 at gmail.com> wrote:

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> Dear all I didn’t want to seem blasé or disappointed when I posted about
> my deception or disappointing for the lack of answers. As an old -empyrean
> :) I do remember months of intense exchange and months of silence or
> tiredness. But it’s as life with some friends or colleagues you keep in
> touch with others you grow apart.
> As a writer without colleagues my work is a solitary one for me virtuality
> has been a way to substitute presence.
> I am happy Lauren found Stumble Upon enjoyable the only time I was obliged
> to leave a forum it was when Howard Rheingold managed Electric Minds. It
> was hundreds of posts per week and everyone was expected to post long and
> elaborated reflexions. It was too tough for me, in despite for being an
> avid chatter and writer.
> Ana
> tis 13 feb. 2018 kl. 12:24 skrev Johannes Birringer <
> Johannes.Birringer at brunel.ac.uk>:
>> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
>> dear all
>> I am also confused about the less than moderate comments received, and I
>> had already exchanged a puzzled letter with Simon Taylor down at Waiheke
>> Island, who I felt was insulted, and feeling ashamed a bit that I am/I was
>> not more outspoken to express my discomfort with this list that had given
>> great impetus, many times, and also caused disappointment at other times.
>> That was really what I tried to say, I was not advocating passivity at
>> all, dear Renate, I was suggesting (and yes, I am older and perhaps, like
>> Ana, tired of lists and social media, or like Simon wonder, @youtoo, about
>> the interesting and puzzling rejections that are floating, around the
>> field, before 7th Seal, or death’s chess player interrupts as it happened
>> last week, unpoetically but terminally; having wanted, in my last post, to
>> pay my respects and gratitude to Melinda and Christina and the earlier
>> artistic and vibrant intellectual exchanges here and on other lists that I
>> like (un-moderated, like Netbehavior, without the need of “editorial
>> boards”, a need never brought forward for discussion here to us who own
>> this list and ought to have a say whether we want it) – so not having
>> actually wanted to say I am overburdened by emails, or having no more time
>> for this – on the contrary:
>> I was trying to ask, others here, whether we can eventually stop fooling
>> ourselves, about the 5775 or 2175 followers or subscribers or reactors not
>> reacting, if in fact this month only a handful of subscribers bothered to
>> write, what nine, or twelve?  so why ask about a listserv and how to
>> justify itself for a “new era,” when Simon’s or Christina’s brilliant posts
>> simply end up in an empty chamber, without echo. If Ana suggest that she
>> has given up waiting for reactions.  If there is not need for echo,
>> resonance, other than self-congratulation, no need for sharper critique and
>> honesty, then I’d say, forget the era, it’s over, you (the pyre) were
>> rejected, it burnt up. (And yes, a four-year lag is fine, for me, the
>> letter I received was personal and never needed to be public.)
>> respectfully, and without regret,
>> thanking many and all here with whom I corresponded
>> over the years on discussions that moved me,
>> not backwards into a lost era of flaneurs, but forward,.
>> Johannes Birringer
>> dap-lab
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>> [Simon schreibt]
>> I am confused about your introduction to my post: I am verbose? I am
>>  also to the point. I am incomprehensible? I am also direct. I am
>>  powerfully political. I am nonsensical. Poetic.
>>  ... I write to you as a recent PhD. in the job market, transcendent uber
>>  alles. (Perhaps there is a market for the qualities you list? Please let
>>  me know.)
>> [...]
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