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Nicole Bansal nb477 at cornell.edu
Wed Feb 28 15:33:08 AEDT 2018

In response to Renate’s previous comment, I think that blogs that are
affiliated with email listervs are very powerful because they serve as a
way to propel discussions even further. They provide participants with a
more visual approach, which I find useful as an individual in a creative
field of study. I find that “TheArtBlog.org” has  (
https://www.theartblog.org/ ) has very interesting content with critiques
and reviews of powerful art installations. I think that by expanding the
content of forums by adding more visuals, participants are more likely to
be involved as they are captivated by the content and provoked to perhaps
add to the discussion.


Nicole Bansal
Cornell University
B.Arch Class of 2020
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