[-empyre-] rehearsal of a network - [week 4]

Shu Lea Cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 1 06:17:08 AEST 2018

Allow me, as CET time zone foresees the end of month June and the down 
under has lived the future.

This is LambdaMOO....... modular communication in its own making that 
unite us all.

A curtain call to bring up this month's invited guests - Franz Xaver, 
Julien Ottavi , jenny picket, Ruth Catlow , Marc Garrett, Anna Scime, 
Stephanie Rothenberg, Paul Vanouse, Ekrem Serdar, Kathy High, Adrian 
Guzman, John Jordan, Ricardo Dominique, Nitasha Dhillon, fraud, Ilze 
black, Annet Dekker, Kate Rich, Fran llich, Liz of Ubermorgen, Jaromil, 
Francesca da Rimini, mcKenzie Wark.

And the contributors, Marysia Lewandowska, Alan Sondheim, Patrick Lichty 
(PS. for Robert Adrian X, radio in Vienna, if i can be of help), 
Christina McPhee, Aviva Rahmani, Margaretha Haughwout, Frederic Neyrat, 
Brian Holmes (miss you in Paris!!), Elaine Gan, Annie Abrahams, Taro, 
Sarah Cervenak, Lissette Olivares, Irina Contreras, Ana Peraica, William 
Bain, Brett Stalbaum, Christiane Robbins, Melinda Rackham, Alice Famer, 
Virginia Barratt, Elizabeth Day, OzawaToshiaki, Simon, Murat Nemet-Nejat.

and not without an audience! you luckers, readers out there..

thank you all.

I have been exercised, rehearsed for a restart.

Before the gang take us off/on-track to fungus-sex (Wark!!)

i bid goodnight.

If i may, for a night cap, a bit of promotion- if you happen to be in 
ARS this September, please check us out at stwst48x4 with SLEEP48 from 
12pm September 7 to 12pm September 9, 2018, taking place at 
Stadtwerkstatt (the building of cafe strom, in between ARS center and 
its futurelab, by the Maindeck), http://stwst.at

SLEEP48, 48 hours of sleeping through active sensing, experiencing, 
doing and perceiving.Conceived by Shu Lea Cheang and Matthew Fuller who 
draw inspiration from Fuller's recent book “/How to Sleep, the art, 
biology and culture of unconsciousness”, /SLEEP48 is a STADTWERKSTATT 
production scheduled for STWST48x4, the annual 48 hours extravaganza in 
its 4^th edition, held in association with ARS ELECTRONICA 2018 in Linz.

Sleep is a complex physiological phenomena that changes over its 
duration and that has different cultural and physical expressions.Sleep 
draws out different capacities and aspects of bodies that are expressed 
in rhythms, hormones, variation in electrical activity, changes in the 
activity of organs and body-systems amongst other things.Historically 
and across cultures, sleep has taken different forms in relation to 
light, work, sex, morality, sound, configurations of the body and 
understanding of the human.All of these and other factors can be 
considered as ground for precise, non-spectacular, experiment. 
SLEEP48gathers artists, designers, architects, dancers, musicians, 
poets, critical technologists, performers, scientists and others to 
explore how humans might have an aesthetics without consciousness.

SLEEP48 aims to arrive at: Art for sleepers, art by sleepers and art as 

You have all been wonderful.... and see you around... about.... deep and 


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