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Thank you all so much. This was a hell of a month. It has been long since I
listened to such an interesting exchange. Invigorating  it was. Happy with
such positive energies.

Le sam. 30 juin 2018 à 22:18, Shu Lea Cheang <shulea at earthlink.net> a
écrit :

> ----------empyre- soft-skinned space----------------------
> Allow me, as CET time zone foresees the end of month June and the down
> under has lived the future.
> This is LambdaMOO....... modular communication in its own making that
> unite us all.
> A curtain call to bring up this month's invited guests - Franz Xaver,
> Julien Ottavi , jenny picket, Ruth Catlow , Marc Garrett, Anna Scime,
> Stephanie Rothenberg, Paul Vanouse, Ekrem Serdar, Kathy High, Adrian
> Guzman, John Jordan, Ricardo Dominique, Nitasha Dhillon, fraud, Ilze black,
> Annet Dekker, Kate Rich, Fran llich, Liz of Ubermorgen, Jaromil, Francesca
> da Rimini, mcKenzie Wark.
> And the contributors, Marysia Lewandowska, Alan Sondheim, Patrick Lichty
> (PS. for Robert Adrian X, radio in Vienna, if i can be of help), Christina
> McPhee, Aviva Rahmani, Margaretha Haughwout, Frederic Neyrat, Brian Holmes
> (miss you in Paris!!), Elaine Gan, Annie Abrahams, Taro, Sarah Cervenak,
> Lissette Olivares, Irina Contreras, Ana Peraica, William Bain, Brett
> Stalbaum, Christiane Robbins, Melinda Rackham, Alice Famer, Virginia
> Barratt, Elizabeth Day, OzawaToshiaki, Simon, Murat Nemet-Nejat.
> and not without an audience! you luckers, readers out there..
> thank you all.
> I have been exercised, rehearsed for a restart.
> Before the gang take us off/on-track to fungus-sex (Wark!!)
> i bid goodnight.
> If i may, for a night cap, a bit of promotion- if you happen to be in ARS
> this September, please check us out at stwst48x4 with SLEEP48 from 12pm
> September 7 to 12pm September 9, 2018, taking place at Stadtwerkstatt (the
> building of cafe strom, in between ARS center and its futurelab, by the
> Maindeck), http://stwst.at
> SLEEP48, 48 hours of sleeping through active sensing, experiencing, doing
> and perceiving. Conceived by Shu Lea Cheang and Matthew Fuller who draw
> inspiration from Fuller's recent book “*How to Sleep, the art, biology
> and culture of unconsciousness”, *SLEEP48 is a STADTWERKSTATT production
> scheduled for STWST48x4, the annual 48 hours extravaganza in its 4th
> edition, held in association with ARS ELECTRONICA 2018 in Linz.
> Sleep is a complex physiological phenomena that changes over its duration
> and that has different cultural and physical expressions.  Sleep draws
> out different capacities and aspects of bodies that are expressed in
> rhythms, hormones, variation in electrical activity, changes in the
> activity of organs and body-systems amongst other things.  Historically
> and across cultures, sleep has taken different forms in relation to light,
> work, sex, morality, sound, configurations of the body and understanding of
> the human.  All of these and other factors can be considered as ground
> for precise, non-spectacular, experiment. SLEEP48 gathers artists,
> designers, architects, dancers, musicians, poets, critical technologists,
> performers, scientists and others to explore how humans might have an
> aesthetics without consciousness.
> SLEEP48 aims to arrive at: Art for sleepers, art by sleepers and art as
> sleep.
> You have all been wonderful.... and see you around... about.... deep and
> meaningful.
> sl
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