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- Who is this woman addressing? Who does she think her audience is?

- Is this scripted? Acted? Staged? Or is she a 'real' subject...I assume
these questions are intentionally left hazy. She certainly seems, or is
made to seem, as if she has a good degree of control over the filming
process (saying 'cut' at the end of scenes etc.)

-  She says: "I want to apologise if you think I'm exploiting you to make
my point, but I really need to do this and I couldn't do it without you" –
The plot grows thicker! Smashing exploration/subversion/confusion of the
artist-subject relationship

- It makes me think of an extremely renegade You Tube how-to video...now
*that's* an influencer

- Artist-wise, this definitely has a whiff of Marcus Coates about it

- Interrogating/toying with/deconstructing the idealised American wilderness

- *The Country and The City* by everyone's favourite Welsh cultural theorist,
Raymond Williams, has definite resonance here... “The contrast of the
country and city is one of the major forms in which we become conscious of
a central part of our experience and of the crises of our society”

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