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Mon Jul 16 01:50:30 AEST 2018

-so much attitude

-what is attitude? a question of whether to trust artist’s intentions?
Trust the voices speaking in it? Trust: whether the intentions behind the
faces and images are straightforward, communicable? why not trust the
sounds and images in this work (kids singing a song, man with tongue
sticking out, stylish colors, deliberately clumsy editing)? Overall:
question of relationship between and definitions of ‘trust’ and ‘attitude’,
and how the editing of the work generates these questions in the viewer

-a lot of intention in the repitition and distortion of kid’s voice

-chunky collage of sources—found images, music clips and animations

-“describes the artist’s accomplishments as… simply epic” .. “i love you”
.. “i’m pathetic” .. “you’re pathetic” .. “i don’t know what a better
definition of eroticism would be” — clues about what some of the voices and
images are reaching for

-“we’re the same when it gets down to it.”— all the voices add up to a
desperation. the desperation is located in.. the editor, the composer of
the voices and images.

-is the collage of voices and images erotic? what kind of erotics? is it
epic? is it pathetic?

-face with tongue out (robert rauschenberg) linked to sketches and drawings
of the face with various bodies linked to animated muscleman character
linked to face of young man (who is the artist, I happen to know) — is
there an erotics to these graphic connections? Does it correspond to the
definition of erotics described by the man’s voice at the start of the

-Erotics of ‘attitude’?

-a lot of juicy issues to put together in navigating this work!

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 3:32 PM Daniel Lichtman <danielp73 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Eoghan Ryan
> Moss Icon
> Link to documentation (see video MOSS_ICON.mp4):
> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/apwp220jn8polh1/AABwunEYjt_-rjY7hSqA8HWba?dl=0
> Eoghan Ryan lives and works in Berlin. Selected shows, performances and
> screenings have taken place at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin;
> South London Gallery; Rowing, London; Serralves Museum, Porto; IFI,
> Dublin; Outpost, Norwich; Kem, Warsaw; Cubitt, London; Kim? Contemporary,
> Riga; CAC, Vilnius; Catalyst Arts, Belfast; New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen;
> The East End Film Festival London and FACT, Liverpool. Recent includes a
> two person show with Beth Collar at ROOM E1027 at Center Berlin, Nocturnal
> Reflections, Macao, Milan; and a group show at Spike, Berlin. Eoghan will
> begin the the Rijksakademie in January.
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