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- I immediately wondered how this would be installed, given the split
screen. Seems of especially core importance for this piece

- A meditation on making: I felt it embodied the psychological and physical
struggle involved in making a thoroughly considered artwork by, as the
protagonist says, 'getting into the responsive place'

- Saliva (or 'magic sauce' as the fisher/painter describes it as she flobs
onto her hair jig) is mentioned as what we assume is also spit is
simultaneously rubbed over the glass/lightbox by a pair of shadow hands.
This – combined with the painted, unabashedly pissing women who are
discussed and eventually shown – makes me think of Elizabeth Grosz's
description of queer and female bodies as historically 'leaky', and
therefore disgusting, inconvenient and embarrassing.

- The lightbox/glass image of tweezers??, liquid and cord is reminiscent of

- One image gradually becomes the shadowed reflection of the other, and at
one point the sound becomes 'dualised' too.

- There's lots of playful doubling here in fact which (along with the
constant presence of water and other liquid) brings Roni Horn to mind:

Fishing and Painting

The work and the self

One screen and the other screen

Real life and its hypnagogic shadow

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