[-empyre-] Response to artwork #8: Beth Collar - Brainstem Thinking

Helena Haimes hhaimes at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 11:27:17 AEST 2018

- Does the title refer directly to what she's doing/acting out?

- 'Feeding' that clay sculptural object – nurturing? But with a rank ham

- Pain / guttural noise from the depths of her belly

- 'Mum' repeated, horrifyingly. Then "Don't look at me, I'm angry (hungry?)
in the morning". This feels like a dredged up, horribly recurring memory
snapshot of either a mother or an adolescent's anger, stuck on repeat.

- They fuck you up your mum and dad

- This does have something of the German death metal band about it...all
the odder because it's coming from an inimitably British woman (she has the
odd bumbling moment here punctuating the guttural noises and repeated
phrases which confirms this.)

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