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-as woman opens door in beginning of film, we see drawing and
transparencies on the wall in the enclosed room—could these be the drawing
we see in the rest of the film?

-while listening to woman and man tell story, have to divide attention
between image of person telling story and ken burns effect presentation of
drawings and photos where the door used to be

-a theme that i think about a lot in my own work also: experimenting with
formal structures through which to tell a story that has concrete narrative
and concrete historical contents. How does the framing shape the
transmission of the story?

-experimentation with narrative contents and layering of recording and
media reminds me of the Wooster Group, one of my favorite theater
companies. The Wooster group often present under-told historical narratives
through mediating techniques such as ventriloquism, live recording and

-how scripted are these stories? are the speakers reading? does it matter?

-the man walking towards the camera at the end seems as sweet as the woman
opening the door it the beginning--draws me into some kind of "theatrical
present" of the work--how are these emotions tied to or separate from
reaction to the history being told?

-is it empowering to the speakers to tell these stories? what would
empowerment mean in this circumstance? is the viewer empowered?

On Sat, Jul 21, 2018 at 7:22 AM Daniel Lichtman <danielp73 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jessica Tsang
> The end of an era
> Video Link: https://vimeo.com/215162528
> Password: Brunei
> Jessica Tsang, b.1984 and raised in Brunei, is a London-based artist who
> graduated from the Goldsmiths MFA in 2011. Recent exhibitions include
> Concerning the Bodyguard at The Tetley, Leeds, Cash Nexus at AS Gallery,
> Krakow; Staged Relations at Impakt Festival, Utrecht; and Continuum at V22,
> London. Her film Erdös-Bacon Number was entered into Polish film archive,
> Ninateka. She is currently working on a film project about an incident of
> mass hysteria occurred at two all-girls secondary schools in Brunei. This
> is a story about a particular incident of mass hysteria but it is actually
> a story about a place with no stories, captured against a backdrop of the
> country on the process of introducing sharia law.
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