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Hans Diernberger

Video link: https://vimeo.com/24724442

Hans Diernberger (Munich,1983) studied Media Art at the Academy of Media
Arts in Cologne (2004-09) and accomplished the MFA in Fine Art at
Goldsmiths College, London (2009-11). His work has been shown at several
shows throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. Hans has received the
Spiridon-Neven-DuMont Prize in Cologne (2009) and a DAAD grant for 2010. In
2012 he has been invited to do an artist residency at Villa Aurora in Los
Angeles. Since then, he works on collaborative installations with sound
artist Will Saunders. In 2018, they were invited to do a three months
residency in Tokyo to work with The Only Male Geisha in Japan, funded by
the German Ministry of Culture and Arts Council England. They also got
invited to do a residency at Vila Sul, Goethe Institute Salvador (Bahia),
Brazil later that year.
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