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A lone woman climbing a mountain. She stops occasionally (e.g. at 1:11) to
rest and drink.

Through the wash of thumbnails that Vimeo picks, we get a timeline of her
walk. Why this walk? This red poncho?

The performance belongs first to the camera and secondly to a body.

Could this be an elegy to the material constraints of image production? A
take two hours and forty-eight minutes long, in 2010 (when this was shot)
was on the edge of being remarkable.  The peak, when the woman arrives at
1:34,  is much the same.

In eight years prior,  a two-hour take was a spectacle: In The Russian Ark
(2002), a single traveling shot through the Hermitage in St Petersburg
attempted to bend the conventions of film grammar, requiring the
daisy-chaining of BOTH hard drives and bodies. This sketched out a new
sacred for cinema that survived about three years under the onslaught of
new sensors and codecs (e.g. the Red, The GoPro).

Though Hundestein reduces the daisy chain of the Russian Ark to a single
body and a camera, might some of the grandiosity be preserved?

Who has the bandwidth to know??

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> Hans Diernberger
> Hundstein
> Video link: https://vimeo.com/24724442
> Hans Diernberger (Munich,1983) studied Media Art at the Academy of Media
> Arts in Cologne (2004-09) and accomplished the MFA in Fine Art at
> Goldsmiths College, London (2009-11). His work has been shown at several
> shows throughout Europe, the USA and Japan. Hans has received the
> Spiridon-Neven-DuMont Prize in Cologne (2009) and a DAAD grant for 2010. In
> 2012 he has been invited to do an artist residency at Villa Aurora in Los
> Angeles. Since then, he works on collaborative installations with sound
> artist Will Saunders. In 2018, they were invited to do a three months
> residency in Tokyo to work with The Only Male Geisha in Japan, funded by
> the German Ministry of Culture and Arts Council England. They also got
> invited to do a residency at Vila Sul, Goethe Institute Salvador (Bahia),
> Brazil later that year.
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