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Just as a quick one (hope this gets through), and I apologize for not being here much, as I have not been writing much over the last few months.  As a writer, that is another story.

Although I haven't been close to Art and Marilouise for a long time, my first collaborator, sociologist Jon Epstein and I were very engaged in the notion of the Visual Socilogy of Cybertheory in the early 90's and this is were most of my work still comes from.  Jon was teaching Baudrillard to his students, and asked me what the Hyperreal looked like, and in a very McLuhanist tone, I said "You have Cable, don’t you?" That led to a tect and multimedia piece called "Americans have no identity, but they do have Wonderful Teeth: The Socilogy of Jean Baudrillard". We took it to Montreal where they were having a conference with Baudrillard himself, and that began a lot of collaboration, which included images for the promo of Spasm.  In my opinion, Crash Theory, as the Beat cousin of Postmodernism, still has a lot to say, especially in the Postinternet age, with its breathless skipping of the surface of the collective c-ontology.

There were some ups and downs, but I never lost respect for them.  And with my researching in Victoria, I kept trying to see them, but ML was frequently in ill health.  The last time I was there in February, Arthur told me she was having more work done, so I wasn;t surprised, but saddened.

As they might say - Marilouise Kroker - because how could it be otherwise?

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----------empyre- soft-skinned space---------------------- Dear –empyre-, Many thanks to those who posted in our open month this past May especially those who wrote tributes to Marilouise Kroker who passed away this past month.  We have forwarded all of your posts to her husband Arthur Kroker.  For those of you who have not read Arthur and Marilouise’s amazing writing we hope you will do so. 


Thanks to all. 

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