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Franz Xaver fx at stwst.at
Wed Jun 6 02:50:56 AEST 2018

may i introduce myself, my name is franz xaver and i have been working
since a few years for the Stadtwerkstatt (STWST) Linz. STWST is a
independent artist association in a house near the ars electronica center.
The STWST has been active in the field of new media for 40 years.
http://archiv.stwst.at. In the middle of the 90s we splittet in 3
associations: An independent internet provider servus.at and Radio FRO
fro.at. The last 9 years we operate a houseboat in Linz
Harbor on which we perform an Artists in Residence program.
Last year our theme was the Mycelium Networks. Further STWST operate
the IT-critical Lab  for information technology and society, the Infolab.
In this Lab we have an eye on the nature and we are looking how the
evolution is working with Information.  It further raises the question of
whether evolution was
before information or vice versa. From these constellations
resulted in the Mycelium Network Society. Mushrooms have their own way to
use Information. We hope to learn something from
the nature. Our Informationtechnology only with algorythm as the truth is
really boring and will end the art.

lg franz

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