[-empyre-] rehearsal of a network - [week 1]

Shu Lea Cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 6 21:58:29 AEST 2018

thank you, franz xaver, marc, Stephanie, bringing in the introdution.

These are artists/directors whose work i admire much.

just to get a focus on discussion-

Stephanie's sum up
> -- -- In terms of a society, what will a Buffalo MNS node look like? 
> And how will it be both similar and different to nodes in other 
> locations based on ecological histories, economic histories and 
> current resources?
> -- On the issue of resources, is it important to track the networks of 
> funding and their impact on research as all these nodes emerging in 
> different countries are dependent on different types of financial 
> systems – academic in the U.S. vs government cultural funding in 
> Europe and/or corporate funding for others
> -- In starting this network, what are both the risks and the 
> possibilities in the anthropomorphic?
> --
The last question also echoes Alan Sondheim's concern about human 
enforced spores distribution (which i have forwarded to artist Taro and 
hope he can join this conversation) and the endangered species.

  -- further to bring up Franz Xaver's concern over nowadays information 
tecnhology, to find some 'emotion' expression in algorithm ruling???

Hope the -empyre- readers can help us get the discussion sparks going....

many thanks

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