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>>Is  anyone trying to sonify actual mycelium?
yes, one of our long time sonic collaborator Martin Howse started a 
project called Radio Mycelium and has been conducting workshops since 2011,

"Radio Mycelium proposes the construction of a series of experimental 
situations examining a new networked imaginary, the single organism of 
the fungal mycelium, in relation to pathogenic, electromagnetic 
communications. Participants will learn how to construct simple 
measurement devices, and culture shiitake, blue oyster and Enokitake 
mushrooms, amongst other simple moulds." - Quoting Martin Howse, 

Further note: This year, Mycelium Network Society as a project entity 
has been invited to Join Taipei Biennale 2018 which focuses on

Post-Nature-A Museum as an Ecosystem


We will be constructing a molecular structure of 17 atoms based on C_7 
H_6 O_4 /formula of Patulin//. //Each atom is built with transparent 
acrylic glass inside which we implement the living habitation to grow a 
bed of /ganoderma lucida (LingZhi) mycelium/mushroom. In an attempt to 
examine cross-spore germination between two parallel wide-area networks; 
between radio-based communication technologies and the single organism 
network of the mycelium, we install radio mycelium with Fungal 
transceivers sprouting mycelial antennas forming an imaginary 
underground network. There will also be screen display to show 
participating network nodes' mycelium related activities.

the proposal - http://myceliumns.net/proposals/MNS-taipei-biennale-web.pdf

This may also answer somehow Patrick's investigation of fungal nature of 
electronic nets?

This week 1 discussion has been very inspiring.... thank you all for 


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> I am very interested in this thread because I'm very interested in literal mycelium. My project, The Blued Trees Symphony, which Kathy participated in in 2015, is seeking Earth rights protection for forest ecosystems. The communicative relationships between mycellium as proof of alternate sentience are crucial to that argument. The week of June 18, I'll be participating in an interdsiciplianry workshop at Hubbard Brooks reserve in NH, where we'll be looking at a variety of ways to sonify aspects of forest systems- water, leaves etc, but no one in attendance is sonifying mycellium. Is anyone trying to sonify actual mycelium? I look forward to following posts on topic.
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