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The mycelium subject has been one we have been have been approaching via a couple of projects recently, not least in relation to networked audio practices that apo33 has been developing over the last 20 years.

Here's a quick introduction to APO33 and mycelium projects

APO33 Collective

APO33 is an interdisciplinary artistic, theoretical and technological laboratory that develops various collective projects combining research, experimentation and intervention in the social space.

Apo33 aims is to work with the dynamics of the free software movement: a modular space, initiating collaborative projects and creative processes and exploring new modes of artistic and creative production and dissemination.

Through workshops, sharing workshops, seminars, interventions in the public space, creations, international meetings, online projects, publications etc., APO33 works to develop the current transformations of artistic and cultural practices, consequences reappropriations and uses of Information and Communication Technologies.

This objectives leads APO33 to work on the margins of the cultural field to explore the passages and crossings that can take place between creation and other social disciplines or practices (political activism, mediation or social action, hard sciences and human sciences, urban planning, ecology, economy …).

Mycelium Projects

We are working for the last couple of years on Mycelium and plants e-waste recycling and feedback radio transmission using moisture.

Two projects come up with their different relation to the mycelium, networks and audio diffusion.

MotherPlant Computational Spores Recycling Network

Using dead motherboards from old computer, we turn them into micro-farm land to recycle the components of the motherboard and to produce minimal electrical current in order to create alternative new free way of computational data exchange.

Mycelium Feedback radio transmission

Apo33, had been working with feedback to produce a range of body works using these rejected sounds and processes embedded in computer science and other cybernetic theories of communication. We are looking at the non-communicative, pure energy feedback production contained within nature, from plants to mycelium and using old technologies of radio and electromagnetic transmission.

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I am very interested in this thread because I'm very interested in literal mycelium. My project, The Blued Trees Symphony, which Kathy participated in in 2015, is seeking Earth rights protection for forest ecosystems. The communicative relationships between mycellium as proof of alternate sentience are crucial to that argument. The week of June 18, I'll be participating in an interdsiciplianry workshop at Hubbard Brooks reserve in NH, where we'll be looking at a variety of ways to sonify aspects of forest systems- water, leaves etc, but no one in attendance is sonifying mycellium. Is anyone trying to sonify actual mycelium? I look forward to following posts on topic.

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