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Greets John! Greets Shu Lea!
Invasive species is a terrible term, for sure, but zebra and quagga mussels
have turned Lake Michigan a beautiful pure almost Aryan blue, and they've
basically wiped out almost all other life in the lake... They were brought
in the bilge water of freighters coming from the Black Sea, as quite a few
others have been; and though it would be relatively easy to transfer the
cargo of these ships to trains before they ever get to the Great Lakes,
nothing is done, apparently because the US and Canada are so proud of
engineering the locks of St Lawrence Seaway. Or maybe it's just because the
state only thinks in terms of money, production and trade, and not of
beings and balances and histories and futures. I guess the main thing is to
be aware of the consequences of what one does, and of what powerful forces
in out societies do, and to struggle not for purity or even Nature, but for
more vital and viable tomorrows all around.

Thanks to everyone for this thread and the whole series, it's beautiful,

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> I think you're referring to Lorenz possibly? But the answer begs the
> question in a sense; I'd rather start from an in-depth knowledge of a
> landscape/biome, rather than aryan purity.
> - Alan
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