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Wed Jun 13 19:35:41 AEST 2018

Hi all

Some words regarding to the invasive aspect of the project mentioned
at the beginning of the discussion - about balloon launch with spores of
course you are right with your objections

But the balloon start with spores at transmediale had not the
target and also not the impact to spread spores around the globe.
This could not happen because of quantitative reasons - there were
too less spores inside, and this was intended.

Nature transports spores and bacteria already to a high altitude and
Jetstreams are transporting them over the continents




The project had another intention.

The intention was to show a new perspective, how nature is using
information and gene material. We want to bring an old theory of
evolution back. We want to show, that spores reach already and all the
time  the outerspace with the pressure of radiation from the sun.

This is an old theory called "Panspermia", and we want to bring this
perspective back to our brains.


This is important, when the whole world is building a global world
of information with the algorithm rules of Claude Shannon. This is the
real dangerous thing of our present. With this Information technology of
pure rationalism we have a serious enemy.

...... Think more the than global.

Franz Xaver

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> I think you're referring to Lorenz possibly? But the answer begs the
> question in a sense; I'd rather start from an in-depth knowledge of a
> landscape/biome, rather than aryan purity.
> - Alan
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