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for Aviva,

How to listen: some wise feminists are calling for extended field
observations, or collaborative practice (combine artists, social-natural
scientists), or historical research. basically, trying to get to know an
organism on its terms.

non/native conflicts: I think these binaries are colonial, violent in
themselves. Species are relational. A plant becomes invasive bec of certain
conditions (usually monoculture or chemical overdose, i.e. industry). and
how exactly do we delineate introduced or endemic? species (including
plants) move around a very great deal. I don’t think it is the work of art
to categorize and resolve these conflicts. I think the hard work is opening
spaces where these novel interactions can be studied beyond colonial


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> How would you propose we listen, Elaine? How would we distinguish
> conflicts, for example between introduced and endemic species?
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