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I am curious about specifics that record communication between species. The biological argument for conservation pivots around function- not when a species arrived in situ, but does it function within a niche that permits a sustainably stable ecosystem? The European point of view on this is far more liberal than the American. The former is open to millennia of migrations. The latter is more protective of individual species that might be outcompeted by newer arrivals, for example, how pasture grasses outcompete native orchids. I think some of those interactive records can be tracked with acoustic recordings and may be of interest. As far as listening, I have worked with systems such as Bernie Krause and Pauline Oliveros developed, and am about to participate in a water sonification workshop next week that will take place at the Hubbard Brook Reserve in New Hampshire comparing research from scientists, artists and policy makers on transposing the natural world algorithmically. The sonification systems I use combine Interpretive observations of satellite imagery and compositional software. I am interested in the specific means people are choosing to decipher the abstract relationships between species as they negotiate balance and place, not so much in arguments about terminologies, tho I honor the semantic implications of using the wrong words.

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