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reach for your gun? 
nice one! what are you waiting for? there are so much facists at the moment everywhere in the world that I supposed you are busy reaching for your gun!! 

well while 15/20% of the richest bastards capitalist are busy destroying the world 15/20% are busy resisting and fighting them and in the same time 50/60% are busy not doing anything... I still reinforced that humans are an infection for the world and for themselves too. While you reaction is expected as probably part of the 15/20% resistance you jumped on what you thoughted as expected answers to my statment ie probably nazi and facist solutions ie eradication of the humanity... which is not what I meant with my statment which was followed only by questions... therefore you are talking about hate for ourselves which I didnt talk about.
I was reffering more of auto-immune system or at the image of our subject mycelium and building a network or fungus. 
Humans are an infection. Yes! and fortunetly its not dangerous to say this! In fact its also a way to think about our relation to nature and the wild. The fact that we are part of it and that we are also responsible for its destruction.
whatever you say you cant just walk away by saying that 15% of the population the horrible capitalist (who unfortunetely for us does exist) are responsible for all the damaging of the planet. its too easy!!

In facist and nazi systems, dictatorship in general, the silent and compleasant majority are also responsible for what is happening. You cant simply pushed that away and take your gun. I am sure you are more clever than that. Resistance is not a one way motorway system. Actions is good questions too.

for the rest on the subject on the wild I think we agreed somehow.



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