[-empyre-] rehearsal of a network - [week 2]

patrick lichty p at voyd.com
Thu Jun 14 22:35:18 AEST 2018

I am fascinated byt the notion of the invasive species.  Perhaps for me
the notion of invasiveness at one point or another in a closed system like
the biosphere is to be assumed.  What is more interesting to me is the
insertion of the species into the new environment, the method in which it
does it, and the rate of
spread/invasion/assimilation/integration/homeostasis.  For example, we
could consider the Indigenous American's introductionjn across the
Beringian land Bridge as form of invasive introduction, which led arguably
to the elimination of much of the meggfauna on  the continent save the
Bison - That would take the invasion of H.Sapiens Europensis (sic). 

But the cooperative introduction of invasives may be more interesting,
such ad the Zebra Mussel's hooking to human vessels to get to the Great
Lakes, the Us Navy's intridcution of caribou onto Adak Island in the
1950's for an alternate food source for the base, only to let them
multiply out of control with only hunters as predatoprs when the land was
ceded baclk to the Unangans in the early 2000's.  Of the fact that spores
can go halfway around the world, or even the theory in testing that DNA on
Earth may have originated on Mars, and was placed here by asteroidal

This spinning set of relations constructs in my mind a series of tectonics
of relation - speed, temporal expansion, location, and cooperation.  

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