[-empyre-] intro feral trade

kate rich kate at irational.org
Sun Jun 17 02:02:39 AEST 2018

hi all

pleased to be here. for the introduction - i am an artist, trader & feral 
economist. since 2003 i have run feral trade, which is a grocery business 
and platform for economic experiments, trading goods (coffee, olive oil, 
other vitals) across mixed domains of art, social networks and the 
commodity sphere. the notion of the 'feral' here encompasses a creative 
approach to infrastructure and a scavenger's stance (opportunistic, 
encounter-based, boundary-disregarding). in the case of feral trade, this 
is deployed in the form of a grocery dealership which taps the spare 
carrying capacity of existing social, cultural and intellectual resources 
to run a robust but ad hoc underground freight network 

in relation to this network thread, my interests centre on persistence, 
alliance-making, and also on both scale-resistent & scale-jumping 
processes. i am currently doing the groundwork to establish the next 
20-year project which is the feral MBA, a radically reimagined business 
school where wild experiments in 'business on other terms' might be 


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