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Hi all

Let me just pick up a few threads here to follow through

 From Kate Rich - "i'm particularly interested in non-model businesses - 
experiments in business which do not scale or replicate but can travel, 
cross-breed and transmit -  & also in martin parker's idea of insurgent 
entrepreneurship as a set of potentially transformative practices in 
reorienting economy, for communities as well as individuals."

 From Ilze Black - the human networks that transport kombucha, the 
t-shroom, ultimately "to put forward the notion of symbiosis for the 
post-net network imagination! Mycelium networks offer us organic 
metaphors to re-evaluate ourselves....They give us a chance to move away 
from human=machine rhetoric, from cyborg like visions of future 
transhumans, and possibly change the course of current industrial 
enterprise. This, however, requires for every supporter to become a 
symbiosis partner, to be considered as a cell in a social mycelium. "

 From Liz, risking getting into the discourse on 'immersive species",  
we would certainly be interested  in the tracks of UBERMORGEN's network 
projects that "undermine the current networks of the heartless 

I offer here also a quote from Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, /The mushroom at 
the end of the world -on the possibility of life in capitalist ruins/
"We are stuck with the problem of living despite economic and ecological 
ruination….. Neither tales of progress nor of ruin tell us how to think 
about collaborative survival. It is time to pay attention to mushroom 
picking. Not that this will save us— but it might open our imaginations. "

There is new relationships to be established, some disconnection to be 

any takers?

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