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it is hard not to noticed that the week 3 of network rehearsal are all 
female protagonists.... if the curatorial suggestion here is that the 
the post-net network imaginary depends on female traits, let me throw in 
another angle from the realm of 'mother' culture.

paraphrasing Marx, the new will appear in the womb of the old.....🐡 🐡 
🐡 🐡 (thank you for this Liz)

two points here. one with regards to Kombucha culture and the resistance 
presented by their mother/ daughter dyad to cultural appropriation into 
the growing health drink industry or what some even have called the 
kombucha war in USA between kombucha breweries and federal regulation 
agencies. as some might know, the kombucha drink bottled and sold in 
health food shops is always already impregnated and a live. the smallest 
environmental change, be it a temperature or oxygen levels will 
reactivate the fermentation process, daughters growth and rise the 
alcohol levels, subsequently requiring this slavery to be regulated 
under the law as an alcoholic beverage, with costs that entails.

the other point ..... like the recent rise of 'heartless psychopaths' 
there are also a rise of what some could call 'heartfelt psychopaths' or 
what they themselves prefer to call the crazy mother movement who are 
standing up for the acknowledgment of matrixial and the rights of the 
voiceless infant child. Borrowing Brecha Ettinger articulation of 
matrixial space as one pregnant with potentials, possibilities and 
surprises, a radical and anarchic space where 'co-emergence' takes 
place, but only if undisturbed by the logic of separation, the noise of 
cultural hegemony and techno excitement, they beginning to contest and 
refuse what Bernard Shaw once called the "witchcraft, in modern form of 
patent medicines and prophylactic inoculations".

these standpoints represent rejection of the separations that are 
currently imposed on all subjects and reinforce the notions of 
inter-connectivity, inter-subjectivity and **a cooperative relationship 
'mother' culture represent. It still to be seen what the network of 
angry mothers can bring to the life in capitalism ruins....

in such context, the DNA discussions are also already shifted from 
frameworks of identity to those of epigenetics and inter-dependencies.

On 19/06/2018 07:20, Shu Lea Cheang wrote:
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> Hi all
> Let me just pick up a few threads here to follow through
> From Kate Rich - "i'm particularly interested in non-model businesses 
> - experiments in business which do not scale or replicate but can 
> travel, cross-breed and transmit -  & also in martin parker's idea of 
> insurgent entrepreneurship as a set of potentially transformative 
> practices in reorienting economy, for communities as well as individuals."
> From Ilze Black - the human networks that transport kombucha, the 
> t-shroom, ultimately "to put forward the notion of symbiosis for the 
> post-net network imagination! Mycelium networks offer us organic 
> metaphors to re-evaluate ourselves....They give us a chance to move 
> away from human=machine rhetoric, from cyborg like visions of future 
> transhumans, and possibly change the course of current industrial 
> enterprise. This, however, requires for every supporter to become a 
> symbiosis partner, to be considered as a cell in a social mycelium. "
> From Liz, risking getting into the discourse on 'immersive species",  
> we would certainly be interested  in the tracks of UBERMORGEN's 
> network projects that "undermine the current networks of the heartless 
> psychopaths".
> I offer here also a quote from Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, /The mushroom at 
> the end of the world -on the possibility of life in capitalist ruins/
> "We are stuck with the problem of living despite economic and 
> ecological ruination….. Neither tales of progress nor of ruin tell us 
> how to think about collaborative survival. It is time to pay attention 
> to mushroom picking. Not that this will save us— but it might open our 
> imaginations. "
> There is new relationships to be established, some disconnection to be 
> made......
> any takers?
> sl
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