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Just a quick comment on trees and hierarchies, vertical space doesn’t necessarily imply hierarchy. A tree’s canopy, for example is at least as important to its survival as its roots and all the interconnected mycellae of its underground networks. I would suggest a more realistic conceptualization of these spatial relationships would be to consider permaculture- in which each spatial layer is equally important and all are interconnected. Further more, it might be considered that any trees’ role is grounded in watershed dynamics, the atmosphere, soil, food webs, etc. Even a sentinel tree is only an artifact of these much larger relationships. Re: rehearsals for a network and other systems, it might be interesting to consider about the sentinel tree, that what is obvious may not be what’s important to pay attention to. The corollary in present politics is that the strong man may not be the real danger. It is the followers of the strong man and why they follow.

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