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Shu Lea Cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Thu Jun 21 17:18:47 AEST 2018

Dear empyrians, mushrooms, trees, dolly and pollies, fishy creatures and 
cultures of mutating selves....

Let me again, pick up a few threads here...

Paul Vanouse on 19/06/18
"What I find particularly interesting about this thread in a mycelium 
discussion tending toward DNA and genetics is that genetics are always 
portrayed with an arboreal model, i.e. “the family tree”, “the family 
tree of man”, etc.  Deleuze and Guattari found the teleology and 
patterning of branching, as well as the forever hierarchic relationship 
between branch and trunk as something to be resisted.  The branching 
model fits an ontology of hierarchy, whereas the rhizome model fits a 
philosophy of becoming."

Indeed, somehow the DNA investigation got some public confessions on 
ancestry, roots tracing.
Aviva is right to defend the trees grounding in watershed dynamics, not 
necessary hierarchical.

In the case of MNS, no funding (as yet), thus, not much (top down) 
management to speak of ...
thus the networks inevitably "form, break, disrupt or mutate" (annet 
dekker 19/06/18)

recap Annet-
"how networks form, break, disrupt or mutate...... how these types of 
infrastructures could be 'cycled' into other projects and made 
productive in other grounds. in other words, perhaps pragmatic, how to 
take into account the human scale(s), how to connect and, moreover, how 
to make sustainable these (post-net) networks?"

Let's talk about human scale(s), any takers??

and thanks to JJ's radical mycology link

Do the becoming imply territorial take over?
Frederic Neyrat's two questions lead us to  a counter-narrative that 
does not allow us so easily certify our assumptions to be 'OTHERS"
(aya, human, non-human, chthulucene, do we have kinship in the making??)

I think i am gonna need to stand still for a bit till someone takes me 
out of the ruins................


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