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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
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Other than the usual suspects, there are thousands of email lists that 
aren't discussed at all - for example, the Spoons Lists which were early, 
mid-90s; think of Walkers in Darkness for example. Not to mention the huge 
numbers of newsgroups with their own cultures - the Doctress Neutopia 
stuff, alt.fan.dirty-whores, the hacking groups, etc. The cultures and 
networking among these groups were incredible. There are also the MOOs, 
etc. - we all know Lambdamoo, but there were so many others, and the furry 
etc. All these things were interrelated as for example the then ephemeral 
irc channels, and what constituted a network ranged from CuSeeMe 
coagulations through Powwow - even through bangpaths and the Accessgrid. 
Too many examples I think center on the usual suspects, where what was 
going on, as far as I knew (and participated in/with) was much more 
porous, more community-oriented and ideolectical, etc. At the 1996 
Cybermind conference in Perth, we literally jumped from newsgroups to 
email lists to CuSeeMe to chats as well as live; everything mixed and 

- Alan

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