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Using the turn in conversation for some (relevant) self promotion...  


Speaking of relationships, a biochemist friend once confided her belief that love is all about negotiating the terms of control. How much is one willing to concede? How much can one insist on maintaining?...

This perspective on intimacy didn’t feel right at the time but stuck with me. As the years pass, I grow more convinced in her assessment. In today’s genomic and big data world the importance of control issues within intimacy, intra and inter species, are no longer ignorable.

Reading this thread made me connect the control conversation from years ago to my recently completed collaboration. So, thank you!

Bern, Switzerland

all typed with thumbs...

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> I dont know if you can hear me, I can hear you but I dont know if this is a good connection it keeps breaking o
> Thank you Shu Lea for the invite and I dare you I have read all the communication that has been going on and I am sure I did not at all understand it but then it is not understanding that I crave but inspirazione.
> I medias res. A topic to start from. 
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> The network within me (cave: relates to immersive species and the before mentioned DNA fingerprints)
> I have a vast genetic network within me.
> 24% Celtic/Hallstatt
> 21% Greek
> 20% Eastern European 
> 13% Scandinavian
> 06% Northern African
> 05% Italian
> 04% Finnish
> 03% Ashkenazi Jewish
> 02% West European
> 02% Central American
> 01% Nigerian
> I am many. I have gotten these results about 3 months ago. I am watching my relationship to far away netnodes of natures and cultures. I watched the GERMEX game yesterday knowing that I am I tiny bit Mexican too. Does it make a difference? Or is my love connection to Mexico more relevant? Or is there a love connection because of my genetic network?
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> What does it mean to be indigenous? (As my father is from the Hallstatt area my Celtic roots are my indigenous roots)
> I know I have never had any understanding of Western Europe and this mirrors in my genetic network. 
> Being pregnant with my first child re-taught me what it feels like to be not-one — looking at my genetics I feel relieved to be not one but many.
> I am wondering how does my genetic intranet connect to the internet.
> I would like to discuss with you as DNA fingerprints were already mentioned before - the implications of this kind of DNA fingerprinting
> I would like to discuss with you about the immersiveness of our all genome
> I would like to discuss with you. 
> As a note: immersive species might really be a problematic term (I guess the immersive species themselves would argue such) - but I do think that there are immersive predators - as pointed out with the island/cat example.
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> Postscript: I am not a theoreticienne - neither am I very versed in contemporary art practice besides my own. My influences are strictly Mozart Hallstatt Culture Marilyn Manson Rammstein KLF Kenyan Newspapers Montessori Macroeconomics Thinking Local Acting Global Norwegian TV Series Trees and Stones and https://youtu.be/awY1MRlMKMc. 
> Postscript02: at UBERMORGEN we are currently working on making art for the alt.right. this is more bout undermining the current networks of the heartless psychopaths, we can talk bout that later if ya want.
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