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Julien Ottavi julien at apo33.org
Fri Mar 30 17:51:06 AEDT 2018

Morning list,

This morning I thought about what is happening with our discussion
This morning I wake up early thinking about a new instrument, a 
combination of drum and piano
This morning it is raining and dark outside
This morning I didn't listen noise music at all but rather a mix of 
drum&bass, rock, free-jazz and news from the radio, all combines would 
had created a compact wall of noise...
This morning I thought I should write to you, the list, a message, 
something that will stay in the archive
This morning I thought about this month of discussion, thinking about 
what I learned from it or what did it bring to me
This morning I thought about something else too
This morning I am taking a coffee and I am writing this message

Is noise really something that interest us here? What noise really 
changes for you?

Describing a disruption implies that it is no longer possible to 
experience it a gain, only to reveal it as a tiny element of that which 
has been lived through, of what is now past, immediately blended with 
nervous flashes and a downpour of abstract information lingering on the 
flesh and in the brain.

Noise as the event resides in this common paradigm : an illusion present 
in the shifting atomic vibrations of air, simple oscillations whip the 
full sonorous spectre, stubborn pressures scar those bony drums that 
they call ears, the sense of these vibrations are mangled through the 
cogs of emotion, memories, political and psycho-social intricacies.

Noise marks time in terms of micro-movements: space in a tangible 
dimension is a tiny crack that affects imagination and emotions.

The concept of 'noise' is not just an endeavor of its phasing out, in 
legal or technical terms, or a founding event transformed through 
desire, elated by its inner beauty, transcended by the art of sounding 
and by its fatal and bellicose quintessence: it becomes irremediably 
elusive because it is essentially unique, bounded only by the limits of 
our mind.

This morning I am wishing you all the best


Composer, Artist, curator and PhD student on new music and network


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