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Thinking about intersectionality here so think broadly!  

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    Sarah Cook, the curator and writer from the UK, posted this post on FACEBOOK a few days ago. 
    “just made a list of good, non-fiction, cautionary tales about life and work in the digital/information age, and they're all by men. Help.” 
    Please help me make a bibliography of self-identified women writers who have written books, articles about life and work in the digital/ information age and I will share it with Sarah— Thanks Sarah and FB friends for this beginning. 
    Clicking In by Lynn Hershman
    Nature and Wellbeing in the Digital Age by Sue Thomas
    The Digital Human (BBC radio podcast)
    Hello World: travels in virtuality (2004), a travel memoir of cyberspace by Sue Thomas
    Technobiophilia: Nature and Cyberspace (2013), a study of nature metaphors in digital life with history, culture and wellbeing woven in by Sue Thomas
    Virginia Heffernan 
    Ellen Ullman: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_Ullman
    María Fernández books Cosmopolitanism in Mexican Visual Culture (Texas University Press 2014) and with Faith Wilding and Michelle Wright she edited Domain Errors: Cyberfeminist Practices.
    Trans Desire/Affective Cyborgs (Think Media) Micha Cardenas
    Love, Robot by Margaret Rhee
    Please add to this list!  Renate
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