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Tue Nov 6 02:58:25 AEDT 2018

-empyre- soft_skinned space, November 2018
Topic: Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival
Moderator: Timothy Murray (US)

Our guests range from international curators, theorists, and artists whose work touches on the complexities of Duration.
Featured Guests.
Week 1: Kate Brettkelly (New Zealand), Justine Kohleal (Canada), Elizabeth Wijaya (US/Singapore)
Week 2: Renate Ferro (US), Jolene Rickard (Tuscarora Nation), Lyrae van Clief-Stefanon (US), Hongbin Wu (China), Sasa Zivkovic (US/Germany)
Week 3: Hans Baumann (US/Switzerland), Ruby Chishti (US/Pakistan), Denise Green (US),
Annie Lewandowski (US)

Week 4: Yasir Ahmed-Braimah (US), Juan Felipe Beltrán (US/Colombia), Kevin Ernste (US), Kate Greder (US), Josh Strable (US)

Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival 
As the globe is the witness to new incidents of mass shootings of people of color and religion, the likely passage between borders of a journalist’s sawed up body parts, new migratory flows that are met with declarations of war against victims of violence, and renewed declarations of the urgency of addressing global warming, -empyre- invites you to discuss Duration throughout the month of November.

This topic builds on the discourse around artworks and performances featured at the 2018 Cornell Council for the Arts Biennial, running through December in Ithaca, New York, which is organized around the same theme of Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival (ccabiennial.cornell.edu).  The aim is to capitalize on discursive exchange and artistic environments that provoke conversation about the persistence of passage, from environments to communities, while emphasizing the challenge of survival in hostile socio-ecological climates.

Artistically, duration lies at the core of conceptual, architectural, and media art, whether through the experience of the ephemeral media of installation, performance, screen, sound, and time-based art or through the representation of the passage of time via creation, migration, memory, and motion. The idea of duration thus foregrounds the artistic horizons of both temporality and corporeity, indicating the persistence and continued presence of the material world through which the historical and virtual are experienced in their potentiality. Duration can be “short” in its transience, ephemerality, volatility, and perishability. And it can be “long” in its durability, endurance, steadfastness, longevity, and survival. We invite discussion of institutional and racial violence, the temporality of indigenous culture, the “long durée” of gradual historical alterations, trans gender and sexualities, contemplations of the built environment, “deep time” of ecology and volatile encroachments of global warming, passage of sound, and historical imperatives of persistence and survival under threatening cultural, ethnic, racial, sexual, and ecological conditions.

Timothy Murray
Director, Cornell Council for the Arts and Curator, CCA Biennial
Curator, Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art 
http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu <http://goldsen.library.cornell.edu/>
Professor of Comparative Literature and English
B-1 West Sibley Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, New York 14853

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