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Timothy Conway Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
Mon Nov 26 04:00:21 AEDT 2018

Hi, all, I've been asked by Ruby Chisti to send this along:

My lifelong fascination with the tenacious and fragile nature of existence has inspired me to reinvent sculptural forms through a variety of materials that forge an intrinsic impression of the collective human experience. In order to create art that is visually, intellectually, and emotionally compelling, my core focus is the personal and societal narratives that both comfort and confront an audience.
 Through the ephemeral, yet loaded with the essence of life itself as well as a witness of lives ripped and rebuilt, these castoffs are arranged like each sediment in the earth stays as a physical marker of time. The clothing is transformed into small architectural spaces perhaps livable to a child’s imagination.
The work that appears as a distorted world map, as if drawn from the memory reminds us of the spaces we lived in and left, that we never wanted to leave….and that make us  return endlessly. 
The sound envelops the listener and transports to a theatre of war and to the silence of ruins where individual feels protected.
 “An intangible sanctuary of ocean and stars” analyzes the concept of an atmosphere of shelter almost inaccessible; the lifelong seeking of security to indemnify persisting inner destitution. The 8 1/12’ men’s overcoat is a vulnerable portrayal of mortality’s dual-nature; the extrinsic, corporeal reality and its transient truth within."

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