[-empyre-] new website coming for -empyre, September topics, and an invitation from Shulea Cheang from Linz

Renate Ferro rferro at cornell.edu
Wed Aug 14 08:25:57 AEST 2019

Hi all empyreans, 
Just a couple of mid-August reminders and an invitation to all of you from Shulea Cheang see below. 

1.  We are so happy to announce that we are in the process of updating our website.  Same URL but a cleaned-up version finally. 
2. So happy to announce that Shu Lea Cheang will be moderating (with some help) the September topic on UNFINISHED inspired by the ARS and STWST celebration 
3. –empyre- soft skinned space will be featured on the radio programming on September 8th at 3 pm.  Here is the program.  Link will be provided soon. 
If you would like to join in send Renate a back channel email. 

Mailing List Radio Stream Live STWST48x5 RADIO FRO

SUNDAY, September 8, 12-5pm Linz time

12-1pm      Nettime  (since 1995), moderated by Ted Byfield and Felix Stalder
1pm-2pm   crumb new_media_curating (since 2000), moderated by Beryl 
                   Graham and Sarah Cook
2pm-3pm   Faces (since 1997), moderated by Valie Djordjević, Kathy Rae Huffman,  Diana McCarty, Ushi Reiter.  
                    RADIO moderation: Elena Robles   Mateo
3pm-4pm - empyre- (since 2002),  moderated by Renate Ferro and Tim Murray with guests
4pm-5pm - Spectre (since 2001), moderated by Inke Arns and Andreas Broeckmann. Radio moderation: Geert Lovink

       4,  And finally an invite from Shu Lea to attend STWST 48 hours. 
            For this 5th edition of STWST 48 hours, we invite participants to join us... if you are coming to ARS or you can make a trip to Linz... if 
            you are a networker, a dreamer, a coder, a lab worker, a body modifier....we have all night programmation, 
            which goes from sunset to sunrise for the nights of September 6-8.
            please make contact!
            thanks much
            Shu Lea Cheang, tanja brandmayr, Franz Xaver
            <shulea at earthlink.net>

Renate Ferro
Visiting Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of Art
Tjaden Hall 306
rferro at cornell.edu

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