[-empyre-] Refiguring the Future: Week 2

Emily McClellan emilyemcclellan at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 08:38:43 AEDT 2019

My name is Emily McClellan, and I am currently in Sarah Watson's MA
Curatorial Methods class as Hunter College which revolves around the
discourse and exhibition of *Refiguring the Future. *I know my response to
this part of the thread is a bit late, but I have been thinking about what
Anneli's section. Thinking about what they said which was, 'Platforms where
"community guidelines" are not just consensus censorship. Platforms made by
and for trans people, queer people, black people, indigenous people, people
of color and people with disabilities in order to develop connections and a
sense of community based on their/our own needs." This made me wonder how
might we achieve and what can be proposed to allow these inclusive
platforms to come into existence without being censored by cis-patriarchal
actions and ideologies, and is this possible in this moment in time?
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