[-empyre-] Introducing Special Guest Joan Haran -- On Cyborgs and Goddesses: the work of Haraway and Starhawk

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Dear -empyre-,

I am pleased to welcome Joan Haran into the conversation on Magic and
Technology today, to talk about the overlaps and tensions in the work of
Donna Haraway and Starhawk. I met Joan this summer in California, and was
inspired to learn how she brought these two into conversation at UC Santa
Cruz in 2017. Perhaps, she points out, there may be more similarities
between them than differences -- despite Haraway's declaration in the
Cyborg Manifesto that she would rather be a cyborg than a goddess. Of
particular importance to Joan is how imagination and science can shape
narratives of the near future.

Joan Haran (UK) she/her/hers, or they/their/theirs

Joan Haran is an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University, working at
the intersections of Cultural Studies, Science and Technology Studies and
Feminist Studies. Her most recent – and still ongoing – research project,
*Imaginactivism,* about the entanglement of speculative fiction and
activism, was supported by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship based at the
University of Oregon and Cardiff University. Her monograph *Genomic
Fictions: Genes, Gender and Genre* is forthcoming from the University of
Wales Press.



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