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Dear -empyre-, 

so excited by the conversations so far, by the tremendous effort and knowledge of week 1 and the looming questions we must contend with…the concept of ruderal witchcraft to begin with, an offering by Oliver I am still hoping to continue activating, I was so struck by Marisa Prefer’s reminder that we are in the waxing moon in Capricorn, by their sensibilities about Red Hook’s ocean water who is reclaiming a space once called home, and by their introduction to Spartina, a plant feared as invasive, whose roots sends texts that stimulate microbial expansion in the crust of the earth…as well as with their sensibilities to the way we contend with the limitations of binary language and structures, where natives and invasives are categorized as oppositional…I am eager to learn more of the history of European witch-hunts and wonder if contemporary so called invasive hunts being practiced across Abya Yala now might be triggered by parallel conjunctures. I love the idea of a rude ruderal, a growth with side eye to the idea of a pure or undisturbed past, and am eaten away by Whitefeather's “leave it the fuck alone” transmission and the question if the slow violence of ecocide can be healed only over extended time lapses, beyond those perhaps that we as homo aspens may be able to experience…There is so much to respond to, there are lagoons between these reflections, I will return...each post has been a world I want to swim within, and I hope that my carrier bag of queer kin will help us to digest the muck, as we slowly begin to receive and respond to the posts of -empyre- please forgive our delay. Please also accept my apology for a missing discussant and sibling who got cut from my curatorial care, Lucian O’Connor, whose bio, I attach now, here.

Lucian O’Connor (Irish American in Továngar) (they, them, theirs and he, him, his)

Lucian O’Connor is a critical theorist and artist who lives in
southern California. They hold a master’s degree in Performance
Studies from NYU (2003) and a doctorate in History of Consciousness
from UC Santa Cruz (2012). Research interests include semiotics,
decoloniality, evolutionary biology, aesthetics, the history of ideas,
and ethnography. While not working, O’Connor enjoys hiking, gardening,
and spending quality time with loved ones.

As for the incredible guest only recently introduced,  Joan Haran, your invitation to cat’s cradle with Donna Haraway, Starhawk, Niamh Moore, Maria Puig de Bellacasa, adrienne maree brown, et. Al thank you..let us continue to share constellations and trace collective dreams with our stardust.


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