[-empyre-] curtain call - September STAY UNFINISHED EXPANDED on -empyre-

Shu Lea Cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 1 02:29:21 AEST 2019

hihi, dear empyre-ers

The archive of -empyre- is in Australia... I didnt catch the Ozzie time 
to close this September month.
McKenzie and Murat's last posting went into October month , sorry about 
quick answer to Murat's question about *Fear Eats the Soul, I love this 
film, I learn to love couscous as my homecooking after this film.

Curtain call for this, for myself, a tremendous month! I thank all the 
PLAYERS in this unfolding narrative of issues and senses.

So many of you to thank. mostly Renate and Tim for keeping -empyre- 
alive, for this kind platform, for allowing me to play with such 
international cast of intelligence!

This last week of september, i deliberately let a few threads run loose.
what a tour de force on unfinished publishing dialogue! so many issues 
reviewed and previewed.
thank you, pauline, josephine, alessandro, simon et simon, Nicolas, Craig.
proposal proposal+++ thank you, pamela, isabelle, jamika, Andrew and 
Allan for sharing.. we follow you.
for sex death love - on AGEING... we have just begun!! thank you, Annie, 
Miha, Murat, ruth, alan, ana, theresa and Sandy (!! she smoked herself 
out of the cave!!) ... and now i would change subject line: LOVE SEX 

The week starts with a revisit to the grand theme of Stadtwerkstatt's 
artistic vision, NEW ART CONTEXTS... thanks to my curatorial/thinking 
partners, Tanja and Franz at STWST, and thanks to jaromil to bring in 
dirt on hands... codes and dirts. information and speed,

a final word from me for this month, I leave you with Das Loch. Think 
deep and sensual... as signal arrives.

all very best

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