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Mon Oct 14 22:19:30 AEDT 2019

Hello Empyreans, 

Awkwardly, having lurked on so many previousoccasions, but I hope playfully as well, Maria, inthe senses you've set out, may I add a few ideas.For your hello has inspired me, so let me at leastnote that. Then your mention of metaphor brought tomind, first, its meaning as transfer--also transference?Second movement in general, human participation,a baby's first exploration before birth, and after. 
Movement I think as a weaving, a shuttling backand forth. The plowing metaphor is also used torefer to texts that alternate lines written from leftto right, then right to left, boustrophedon from Greek.In any event play as movement, whether ludic orotherwise. People will already be familiar withthe book *Homo Ludens, which explores play inmany aspects. Finally the chora spoken of byPlato in *Timaeus (49a3-52b), a space/place ofcreation. These first thoughts also in relation toplay's aporesis, and including what Murat speaksof regarding weaving, for me always remiiscentof the idea of the figure in the carpet. That in itselfseems to me to relate to a premising on shamein Truong Trans's phrase, a more advanced stageof maturation from that of the infant, when the per-son's exploring hands weave through their pubic 
hair, a spinning, a skein say, the sky..... 
Or some other object. 

Best wishes and thanks, William

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