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Gabriela Cordoba Vivas cordobav at buffalo.edu
Sun Oct 27 19:07:52 AEDT 2019

Hola a todes/ Hi everybody,

Thank you, Margaret, for making this conversation possible, is an
honor and a pleasure to share this panel with LeConte, Craig, and
Maria. As Margaret already posted, we had some technical problems
signing in to the list, so I apologize for entering late into the

In the last eight years, I have worked as an artist with
CaldodeCultivo http://caldodecultivo.com/, a Colombian/Spanish
interdisciplinary collective. Through situated artistic projects that
in its content, materials, and mediums are shaped by the context, we
seek to transform the everyday and create spaces for debate, dissent,
and action. In order to do that, we play with genres, mediums, and
materials. We play with the tools of marketing and graphic design to
create instruments of contra information and protest. We play with
words and double entendre to produce pertinent and situated work. We
play with institutions so we can fund our projects.

I felt deeply connected to LeConte's journey, and understand first
hand the necessity and productivity of merging with those different
identities together in such an amazing project.
I have been trying to include in one way or another, my experiences
with art and community culture in my academic projects. Likewise, I
have explored with CaldodeCultivo's art practice theoretical questions
and reflections that had to with situated knowledges, epistemological
justice, and embodied practices. However, it is not until now, in a
practice-based Ph.D., that I have space and time to explore the
politics and contradictions of practicing theory and theorizing
practice, and for me, this as space for playing too.
Craig's projects resonate with my experience too, I love the idea of
creative writing workshops in activist spaces and events. Praise for
Oceania was profoundly moving, and I could see how, in Colombia, your
words could touch a lot of people.
Thank you both for sharing such inspiring work, poetry for me is a
powerful force of political transformation. In that vein, I wanna
share with you Detroiters a docu-performance that we created in
collaboration with poets, activists, and musicians from the city, that
responded to the violence of racist/neoliberal urban policies through
the force of poetry, bass and rhymes.

Gabriela Córdoba Vivas

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