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thanks so much, Geert. a quiet sunday in amsterdam, a swarm of Parisians 
back from August hoilday!

meanwhile - through facebook, calls for support are coming from my 
HK/Asia friends transmitting bloody urgency.

here we kick off!
Following Geert's quote of Audre "The Master's Tools Will Never 
Dismantle the Master's House", Let me start another thread here for week 
1 STAY UNFINISHED....The two threads on network/social network and HK 
revolution should somehow merge through this week's dialogue, i hope.

*TickTack*  I hear the water running
on HK resistance, its tactical approach, technology and infrastructure.

Last few days' headlines from HK

*Tear gas in Kwun Tong after Hong Kong protesters surround police 
station, dismantle ‘surveillance’ lampposts[Hong Kong Free Press 

*Hong Kong tech firm pulls out of smart lamppost programme after 
surveillance accusations and staff threats [Hong Kong Free Press 26-08-2019]

*Chinese troop movement into Hong Kong prompts unease [the 

* [30-08-2019]
Ellen Pau from Hong Kong posted-
What's happened in the past 30 hours
Jimmy Sham, convenor of CHRF, attacked;
Andy Chan, convenor of National Party, arrested;
KP Chung, applicant of Yuen Long march, attacked;
Planned march organized by CHRF on Aug 31, banned;
Joshua Wong and Agnes Chow arrested.

*Hong Kong police water cannon truck fires blue-colored water as 
protesters besiege gov’t HQ
[Hong Kong Free Press 31-08-2019]

*Hong Kong protests: subway to airport shut down as activists out in 
force. [the Guardian 1-9-2019]


Many thanks to Ellen Pau, the one strong woman pushing forward HK media art.
and to Winnie Soon, who's leading STWST48x5 UNFINISHED CODE on September 
6(21:30-23:00) at STWST, Linz

This week we bring together HK born artists, cultural workers, activists 


Chloë Cheuk

Working simultaneously in installation, interactive media, photography 
and video, Chloë focuses on the “structure of feelings” between people 
and the society through exploring emotional connections with objects and 
mechanical devices. Through the reconstructions of ready-made objects by 
metaphor in a spiritual and reduced aesthetic vocabulary reminiscent of 
both Minimalism and conceptual art to address themes such as love and 
loss, freedom and suppression, happiness and detachment. Chloë Cheuk 
graduated from the School of Creative Media at City University of Hong 
Kong in 2012, and finished her MFA in sculpture major at Concordia 
University in 2019 where she currently works as an artist in residence 
in Topological Media Lab.

http://www.chloecheuk.com <http://www.chloecheuk.com>

Daniel C. Howe  - an artist and critical technologist whose work focuses 
on the relationships between networks, language, and politics. His 
hybrid practice explores the impact of networked, computational 
technologies on human values such as diversity, privacy and freedom. He 
has been an open-source advocate and contributor to dozens of 
socially-engaged software projects over the past two decades. His 
outputs include software interventions, art installations, 
algorithmically-generated text and sound, and tools for artists.


Keith Lam -Hong Kong based New Media Artist, Co-founder and Artistic 
Director of New Media Creative Studio Dimension Plus. Founder of 
composite design space openground . He works with installation, 
performance, light, kinetics, interactive fabrication, information 
visualization. Recent works include Soundscape of Body (2018), Embodied 
Dimension (2017), Heliocentric (2017), Cycling Wheel: The Orchestra 
(2017), Landscape of a cloud (2015). http://keithlyk.net/ 



Ellen Pau - an artist, curator and a medical radiographer based in Hong 
Kong. She co-founded Hong Kong’s media art collective, Videotage in 
1986, and is currently the founding director and curator of the 
Microwave International Media Arts Festival. 
^<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ellen_Pau#cite_note-2>A mostly 
self-taught artist, she gained a Master Degree in Visual Culture 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_Culture>at Chinese University of 
Hong Kong 
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_University_of_Hong_Kong>in 2008. 
As an artist, she makes films, installations which are distributed by 
VMAC, Videotage 
Video Bureau <http://videobureau.org/artist/ellen-pau?lang=en>. In 2001, 
she represented Hong Kong at the 49^th  Venice Biennale. She has been 
keeping an HK protests’ diary which documents major disruptions and 
actions taking place in the streets of Hong Kong. http://videotage.org.hk/

Winnie Soon - an artist-researcher, born in Hong Kong and is currently 
based in Denmark,  examining the cultural implications of technologies 
in which computational processes and infrastructure underwrite our 
experiences, which are ever more programmed. Her works explore 
themes/concepts around computational culture, specifically concerning 
automated censorship, data circulation, real-time processing/liveness, 
invisible infrastructure and the culture of code practice. Her current 
research focuses on computational art practice and critical machine 
learning, working on two books titled “Aesthetic Programming: A Handbook 
of Software Studies” (with Geoff Cox) and “Fix My Code” (with Cornelia 
Sollfrank). She is Assistant Professor at Aarhus University. 

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