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“These signs and the statement we are making are to break the military siege that Andrés Manuel López Obrador extended with his National Guard,” said a Zapatista that appeared in one video.

3 new videos:


While new tactics and horizontal actions are developing in the fantastica! gestures by the new Umbrella Movement HK-it is important to consider and learn from the plane of consistency that the Zapatistas started in 1984 and then took flight at one minute after midnight 1994.

The Zapatistas established Digital Zapatismo, Intercontinental/Intergalactico Encuentros, alter-globalization networks that led to the Battle of Seattle, World Economic Forms, La Otra and beyond.

While these gestures would fit into the puzzle of well thought out fractal tactics against of the economic bombs and bullets of the Forth World War (the neo-liberalism(s) war) constantly raining down on Indigenous futurism(s).

The Zapatista communities continue to create new Caracoles of social autonomy and horizontal democracy in the face of constant market-state and international corporate aggression.

Like Speedy Gonzales they continue to rip into the fabrics of the La Realidad and continue to suture steady Signs to follow during the battle, after the battle and before the battle.

How to establish long term social umbrellas, if you will.


Long Live Los Nuevos Caracoles! #SpeedySigns #Now #And #Then #YParaLasTomorrows #Today

#AmorYRabia #Para #HKUmbrellas

#Unlike #Nietzsche #TheyDontForgetTheirUmbrellas

Abrazos a tod at xs y muchas gracias por las info criticas,

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