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Hola Ana y tod at xs,

Si the Zapatistas still sing and ping! They have in a veru focused manner extended TAZ beyond the frame of Bey's tactical-time. This longer term experiment of horizontal democracy allows us to imagine the HKUmbrella's cone of concerns in the face of relentless powers of command and control.

While each social configuration is defined by its own sing(u)lar lines of flights (as differentiated from the protocols of material contradictions). The Zapatistas have instantiated a post-colonial
revolutionary subject founded on the minor keys that assemble around a networked-collective making of another world that makes all worlds possible-an indigenous futurism that manifest the ideals of the revolutionary Mexico, that the Mexican nation has constantly failed to meet.

The Zapatista's revolutionary politics also sign post for all of us the how movements, like the HKUmbrella's can take up, occupy, and suture new space–times beyond just being machines of market-state production and the speed of financial flows turn setting forwards towards communities that are no longer anchor to a colonialist British past or a Chinese Authoritarian present-but gesturing into being something else-an Umbrella Society to keep each unknown revolutionary subject protected and ready to face the hard rain/rein of terror seeking interrupt the new refrains of peer-to-peer potential and activation.

P.S. Something that sadly here the the U.S. seems completely impossible to accomplish. So we watch with wonder these two movements at different moments-hope against hope with hope that we can learn and embody them now.

P.P.S Abrazos Ana y tod at xs


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