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Hola Winnie,

I did see that on PBS Newshour here in the U.S. last night that HK police were using water canon with blue paint to mark the protesters.

But right now it seems like a moment where things might bit at
a Tit-for-Tat like Go game.

Marking the police rather than reverse.

Just caught this video from Aug. 22nd:

Thanks for sharing the links and info.

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Hey thanks Ricardo. Do you know that recently 'someone' (as HK authorities denied it) using helicopters to drop tracking powder dye and spray blue dye on protesters? https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/09/article/hk-govt-denies-casting-powder-to-scare-and-track-protesters/


On 3/9/2019 6:17 PM, Dominguez, Ricardo wrote:
Hola Winnie,

You could contact #TEAMBLACKSHEEP and have them create swarming mini-drones to drop messages on the police or representatives:


The same way the Zapatistas throw paper airplanes with messages at the Mexican Army in 2000

Messages that asked the army why they were fighting against their own communities call for autonomy and democracy!?

P.S. Or drop little umbrellas or water balloons or have them play the HKUmbrella song follow them and around them 🙂


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