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Wed Sep 4 20:55:03 AEST 2019

Hola tod at xs,

So it seems that shifts in the atmospherics of  HK are happening with Carrie Lam deleting the extradition bill. Meanwhile Xi calls on
hard-state principles:

“On matters of principle, not an inch will be yielded,” Mr. Xi said, “but on matters of tactics there can be flexibility.”


What we know is that HKUmbrellas have shifted the spaces toward other possibilities-an amazing human effort-and while the world is watching multiple social waves and screenal witnessing the question that comes next for all Umbrella's "not an inch" or flexible tactics? This seems to be the burning question-in HK, on-line, on the border and in the Amazon-very very hot days all around.

Abrazos y gracias for the critical info,
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