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dear all

allow me to cut in and bring back 'platform' 'tactie' issues-

quoting Geert Lovink

"The 1990s promise of tactical media was one of flexibility, to switch from one medium to the next.
We combined the analogue with the digital, the local with the global, the arts with the activism,
but this pervers poly-sexual  ‘multi-media’ dream has now been fulfilled and, in a weird dialectical move,
jailed us inside a one-dimensional centralized platform that is actively preventing us from self-organisation.
Should we read the email nostalgia (or dogmatic inability to move on)as a somewhat subversive gesture? I doubt.
Another platform is possible. We have to come together, in ever greater numbers."

This is one recent report that speaks about Hong Kong protesters' communication tactics

the mesh message app using blue tooth transmission. In the early 2000s, 
we were in OPEN public wifi movement.. P2P mesh network. In this app. 
and mobile flixibility era, what app. has been created for the movement, 
for the resist on the streets? In a POST-NET CRASH SCENARIO, how 
meshnetwork, bluetooth, hand to hand, face to face support work out in 
the streets, in the metro? Hong Kong proved the 'platforms' are 
possible, and yes, we see the GREAT numbers. Ellen Pau has posted one 
Parachute app. https://apps.apple.com/hk/app/parachute/id999134752 
a magic button that you can press in an emergency... shed some lights 
for me. Geert... on multi plateform, bluetooth, app. i do feel mailing 
list dragging... in some manners. if any of you do subscribe to nettime. 
follow nettime debate on if the list is worth keeping... 
https://nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-1909/maillist.html This 
debate is triggered by mailing list radio streams program, UNFINISHED 
LIST as part of STWST48x5 http://stwst48x5.stwst.at/unfinished_list over sl
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